Our services

Accounting services

Managing the general ledger.
Calculation of value added tax. (VAT)
Calculation of wage, bonus and other benefits.
Accounting by cost centers and projects.
Conducting payment transactions.
Monitoring debts and calculating late payments.
Making the annual accounts and interim reports.
Preparing documents for obtaining bank loans.
Producing reports for AJPES, ZPIZ, FURS…
Izdelava poročil za FURS, AJPES, ZPIZ,…
Monitoring receivables.
Registration and deregistration of employees.


Optimization of tax obligation for companies and natural persons (especially Slovene residents, who work in Austria).
Help with the arrangement of tax residence status.
We analyze balances and give suggestions for improvement.
We advise about tax aspects of intended transactions.
We check the calculations of tax decisions and give advice.
We help with establishing contact with Hungarian companies.
We establish connections for the needs of Slovene (mostly construction companies) in opening a business unit in Germany (we have connections with an accounting and tax consulting company in Germany).